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Alright. Well I'm at work right now (I'm a receptionist) So I have a lot of free time to write and stuff. I have been watching Drake and Josh since the beginning and ever since like the third episode I alway's had this idea for a character. I started taking episode's and including my character in it. Her name's Nathalie and she's Josh's best friend until she moved to England. Now she is living with them while she visits. I have a  whole like "Episode" of when she comes and how her and Drake get together. Because I have this weird imagination and I usally will write when I'm in school and I should be working.  Anywho I'm weird lol.

But remeber that episode when Drake and Josh think walter is cheating on their mom? While I was really bored and I have that episode practically memerized so I decided to write it out including Nathalie. There isn't much yet just the first scene where they are all in the living room. But I wanted to see what you all thought and maybe I'll keep going. I do it with every episode, it's like my own little characters. I write a lot of Harry Potter fan fiction so I guess this is drake and Josh fan fiction? I dunno just read and tell me what you think thanks.

Disclaimer: Drake and Josh are a copy write of Nicklodeon. ALl line's used in my story are directly related to them I take no credit for it.

Drake lifted his arm and placed it around Nathalie’s shoulder. She adjusted herself and snuggled in closer while her and Drake watched TV. Meagan walked in the room glared at the couple and than sat on the other side of the couch with her mom.

“When’s dinner going to be ready” She asked no one in particular.

“Were just waiting for your father to be home,” Her mom answered not looking up from her knitting.

Meagan nodded and than asked “What’s for dinner” “Josh is making lobsters” Her mom responded. “Ew” Meagan said making a face.

“Lobsters aren’t gross” Drake said looking towards her.

“Not lobster’s Josh” Meagan said rolling her eyes.

Josh came in to the room carrying to very unhappy lobsters, “When is dad going to home? I think these two lobsters are in looooooooove if you know what I mean.”

He should be home in a few minutes,” His mom answered again.

“Alright cool” Josh said turning to back in to the kitchen. “Ill let you to continue your DATE”

“Hey everyone” Walter exclaimed walking in the house kissing his wife.”

“Hey sweetie you were great on your weather today” She said “You never watch my weather broadcast” Walter replied. “Yes I do” She defended

“No you don’t” Nathalie and Drake replied in unison.

Josh walked in the room as the phone rang. “Hello” Drake asked in to the receiver. “Um yea hold on, it’s for you” He said handing the phone to Walter.

“ Uh thanks I’m going to take this in the kitchen” Walter said walking away.

“I’m starving when are the lobsters going to be ready?” Meagan asked Josh. “I do not control the time in which lobster’s die” Josh responded while sitting down.

“I’m going to get a snack you want anything Nat?” Drake asked getting up. “No thanks hon” She replied still watching TV.

“Get me something” Meagan piped up “No” Drake answered “Drake” His mother warned, “Ill get her something he said going in to the kitchen.

Drake walked in and saw his Dad was on the phone.

“Well of course I want it” “I know I just can’t tell my family” “Are you kidding me this is the best thing that has ever happened” “Naw my wife doesn’t suspect a thing” His dad said trying to keep his voice down.

Drake grabbed an apple and took a bite before leaving. He walked in to the living room with a distracted look on his face.

“What you bring me?” Meagan asked looking over” “huh?” “What you bring me?” She asked again.

“Oh uh here” Drake said tossing her his apple.”

“Eww I don’t want it, it’s infested with your germs”

“So don’t eat it!” Drake said. “Nathalie, Josh come upstairs we need to talk.” Drake said grabbing Nathalie’s arm.

“Not now were watching Canadian Idol” Josh said distantly.

“Let’s go Drake said pulling Josh off the chair.
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