My thought's are choking on you my dear (starromance14) wrote in drakebell,
My thought's are choking on you my dear


Has anyone seen the season opener of Drake and Josh?


You know the one where DRAKE AND JOSH KISS!



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In the new season opener of Drake and Josh, Josh kisse's drake..
I shouldn't say anymore I feel bad for not putting up a cut. there a clip of this anywhere?!
Never mind, I just saw it on YouTube.

Oh my God, that was GREAT. There are going to be THOUSANDS of icons made out of that.
yes yes!!
And did you see how skinny Josh was?

No................. when was this?!

well it aired for me on thursday.
It's the fourth season opener.
I bet it will be on again.

but, maybe you should put this behind a cut? some people dont like spoilers.
oh man haha I will def. do that thanks.
I was just so excited when I saw it!
i saw that episode like a week ago.
and i don't remember that part? lol
The one where Drake forget's Josh's birthday and than Josh run's over Oprah?
You don't remember that part?
Man that was like my favorite part I was *squeeing* like crazy ! lol
yah i didn't remember that part.
but then i just saw that episode the other day.
and i was hoping i came in before that part, and yep, i did.
so i saw it lol.
i probably missed it cause i was on the computer at the same time.
OMG YES! I flipped out! It was beyond adorable.


March 2 2008, 02:11:49 UTC 10 years ago