My thought's are choking on you my dear (starromance14) wrote in drakebell,
My thought's are choking on you my dear

This is a very dumb question. I haven't really been keeping up with Drake, I like his music and I his show but I'm not a die hard fan of his. But I was on a website for him and I noticed this picure. And was wondering who the girl was. Does Drake have a girl friend and if so who is she?

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yes he has a gf. i think her names like stevie or somethin close to that.
oh thankies :D
he actually doesnt have a g/f... they used to date like back in the summer.
oh sweet.
thanks a bundle!
hi!! i was looking at my insrets and thought i would find a few people intrested in drake bell. and i did. hey i wanted to know if we could be fwends?....
well I have a few rules.

-Post in your journal frequently unless you go on hiatus
-Comment on my entries and I will comment in your's.
-And just be friendly.

Oh and my biggest intrest is Harry Potter at the moment but I loooove my drake!

SO yea we could be friends. offence but i kinda hate harry potter but w/e if u like him thats fine. not my dissision. but im gonna agree w/u with liking drake ...and i go on every day...2 lj.hey do u like inuyasha?
hey srry i didnt want 2 be mean sorry if u took it the wrong way....plz forgive me...(wat a way 2 start a fwend ship.....oops 0_o
do u play at audition sea?
haha that is fine that you don't like Harry Potter I'm not going to hate you for it.
Er no I'm not in to the whole anime thing a lot of my friend's are however.

But yea if you want I'll add you to my f-list.
thx u! cool ca u introduce me? and i think harry potter and harminy(do not know how 2 spell names, bc i dont watch). i have watched all the movies expt the newest have u? by the way i love ur icons....^-^there cute
Hi! I happened to notice that you were really interested in Harry Potter and that you had a Harry/Hermione icon. I wanted to make sure before I asked, so I checked you info page and it says that you are familiar with fan fiction. I was wondering if you had any Harry/Hermione fics that you could recommend. I good friend loves the pairing and asked me to find some rec sites/lists for the paiting but I myself am not into it, so anything you could suggest would really be awesome.
hey I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.
I do love Harry Potter haha.
As for fan fics I know of so many I can't think of any right now. My favorite one would have to be 'Always and Forever' I read it last year and fell in love with it.

It's posted over at which is a website that has a bunch of fan fics of H/Hr.

Just do a title search of 'always and forever' it's a brilliant story the author is neiva or something like that.

I hope that helps!


January 3 2007, 21:17:15 UTC 11 years ago

he used to date her but not anymore. he's going out with Melissa Lingafelt.